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The Beta Switch Review – In Depth Analysis

I know you all have a question you’re dying to know the answer to. And that is what is the best ways to lose weight? Well, with all the products and fads going around there should be an easier way to know what works and what doesn’t right? Well this article will help you shed some light on the subject.

As a post on weight loss, let’s review some simple techniques all backed by science. Im sure all women have thought about it. You know what I’m talking about! Losing weight of course! So how do you lose weight and lose weight fast? If you’re reading this then i know you are serious about losing that excess weight. Unfortunately as you might know, it isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s hard enough trying to lose weight, imagine all the things that has to be done. Stay motivated, work out, consistently, have a good diet, drink lots of water, all that while trying to balance work, family, your social life and so much more! So I’ve dedicated some of my time to put together a simple article on how you can drastically change your life with a few simple tweaks.

Our research on Sue Heintze
Research from this article will be taken from online fitness coach, Sue Heintze (keep in mind, this article was not written by her). A simple google search will reveal that she is an authoritative figure in diet and fitness. She does have her own blog ideal bodies online. A standard fitness blog full of recipes and tips and lose weight in a week for women. She is former competitive fitness model and an online personal trainer. From what I see she does seem like an honest person trying show women lose weight in 9 week. That being said, many other so called fitness experts seem honest and all and then scam us out of our money. Not trying to judge too soon but just putting out the facts although going through her Facebook site, it is just flooded with positive reviews. Sue has come up with many products that will help people burn fat and lose weigh fast. Here’s our take on her most popular one, The Beta Switch: Stubborn fat loss for women.

What it is and how does it works?
So what is this beta switch anyway? Is it a guide on how to lose weight in a week? Sue claims that burning fat is as simple as switching on your beta receptors. To simplify that, Sue says that we people have alpha and beta receptors. The Alpha stores fat (in the wrong places) while the beta releases fats. She says that is why women find it hard to lose fat in certain areas like the thighs, hips, etc. This is the reason why women find it hard to lose weight even if they follow a good diet and exercise regularly. Sue claims that this is the “missing piece of the puzzle” on how to lose weight the best way possible.

Now that you understand a bit about how it works, to put it simply, this is a full program on fat loss consisting of all the normal things like diet, workout, support, etc, and also some additional things like how the mind plays a part, boosting body images and many others. The difference is that this product claims that what she teach will ‘switch on’ beta receptors. This is suppose to be one of the best ways to lose weight fast, but it’s definitely not a “sit on the couch and lose weight” program.

What do you get in the product?
This series consists of many modules, here are a few (copied from her site)
In this product there are a lot of modules and bonuses. You can see that in her sales page so i won’t dive too deep on that. What i will talk about is the simplicity to use the program. First of all, I must say Sue is easy to understand and it does seem like she’s really trying to help. Secondly, she does explain what to do, why do it and how it works to help you burn fat. And finally, this does not look like a fad diet or workout. You know, one that comes for a short while then goes away (after someone made a lot of money of course). In fact, even if all the alpha beta this and that doesn’t work like Sue says it does, I feel that it is still a good plan and lifestyle to follow compared to most diets out there and is definitely an answer to lose weight in a week.

Pros and cons
Now lets evaluate the pros and cons of this supposedly best way to lose weight fast product.

1. Nothing extreme, no extreme dieting, no extreme workout or anything. All in moderation.
2. Everything Sue tells you to do, she explains why. (unlike some people who just tell you to eat this and lift that or whatever)
3. It is a good lifestyle to live. (regardless if the alpha and beta stuff works)
4. The mental part is something most trainers don’t teach. Yeah they motivate you when they’re there but what about when they’re not?
5. The instructions are quite in depth. (you won’t have a problem of doing it wrongly)
6. This system will work in the long run, no gaining back the weight.
7. The price is quite reasonable ($37) considering most people pay $100 an hour minimum for a personal trainer and a lot more for a dietician, etc.
8. Full money back guarantee. (most sites claim to give a full refund but don’t. This sale is done by clickbank so if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back by emailing clickbank instead of this vendor)
9. We are not promised we will lose weight in a week but at least we know its not a lose weight fast scam.

1. Up-selling. Its not so much a negative but i always just say it is because i want everything at the given price ;p hehe. Why this is not that bad is because you don’t have to have it in order to succeed (unlike some where you have to buy to continue)
2. She uses a lot of scientific terms and everything is backed by science n all but I’m not sure how true that is
3. Long annoying video in the sales page. ( you might like it)
4. We can’t lose weight in a week (or at least as much as we would like)

Can we lose weight very fast?

To end the Beta Switch review, i would recommend this product. This is definitely not a SCAM. It is not a get slim pill. That is why i recommend it. This is one of the best ways to lose weight fast and I am a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, and this program covers that and much more. If you are wondering lose weight in a week then it might not be possible but you’ve come to the right place to start. It seems like this program is perfect for anyone trying to lose weight but for not those who just say they want to lose weight.

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