Monday, 15 February 2016

The Story of the Venus Factor

A Problematic Hormone

Modern research has uncovered a new truth about weight loss. It turns out, weight loss in both males and females is directly related to a single, master hormone: Leptin.
Leptin is responsible for all the weight loss accomplished by your body. The equation is simple: higher Leptin levels mean a faster metabolism while lower levels mean a slower metabolism. Leptin is responsible for telling your body whether or not it needs to be storing up fat.
There’s another surprise: women naturally have double the amount of Leptin in their systems compared to men. That should mean that it’s twice as easy for women to lose weight, right?
Well, we all know that doesn’t seem to be the case for two reasons:
Women tend to be less responsive to Leptin, sometimes up to three times less responsive. So while they have more of the hormone, they don’t respond as well to it. This is known as “Leptin Resistance” and it cripples many women’s ability to lose weight.
The second problem has to do with dieting. When you diet, your body becomes afraid that food has somehow become scarce, so it starts to store fat by lowering your Leptin levels. Leptin levels in women can plummet twice as much as when men diet, and this drop is responsible for most of the weight loss plateaus you might have faced in the past. It’s also why many women gain a lot of weight right after they stop a diet, because the Leptin levels haven’t come back up yet.

An Untapped Solution

Evolutionary biology posits that this tendency of the female body to store fat has to do with the child-bearing and nurturing responsibility of the female mammal. Basically, your body thinks you’re living in the same environment as early humans, and its natural state is to judge whether you need to be storing calories during lean times, or using them during times of plenty. However, your body has no way of knowing that there’s food all around you and you need to control your weight anyway because you’re concerned about being fit, healthy or just fitting back into that great pair of jeans.
Has it felt like a losing battle every time you try to lose weight? Well, that’s because if you’re a woman, then you’re constantly fighting your Leptin levels. So if it feels like a battle, that’s because it is. Don’t worry, though. Thanks to the Venus Factor and modern metabolic research, you now have the weapons to really fight back!
Women have twice the amount of Leptin as men, remember? That means you have twice the potential to lose weight, it’s just a completely untapped resource. Until now.

The Venus Factor

No more trying to diet like a man. The Venus Factor gives you the advantage of weight loss designed specifically for women. It uses a revolutionary technique known as “Metabolic Override” to work with your body’s natural hormones to help you lose weight without the downsides of most modern diets.
Venus Factor relieves you of the following diet problems:
·         Weight loss plateaus
·         A low-Leptin metabolism
·         Terrible food cravings
·         Low energy and constant fatigue
·         Weight gain after diet completion
The Venus Factor has already been used by thousands of women with great success because it’s a diet plan that’struly built for your body. You will notice increased energy, rapid weight loss and better feelings of overall wellness as you lose weight in a healthy, natural and scientifically backed way.

The Venus Factor Plan

The Venus Factor plan consists of a simple, 12-week nutrition plan which gives you a step-by-step solution to changing your metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning. This isn’t a magic fix or a drug-based solution. It’s simply a plan to help you avoid foods that bring your Leptin levels down while eating foods that increase your Leptin levels. You’ll discover:
·         An interesting herb which can boost your sensitivity to Leptin by 52%
·         A single food which will keep your Leptin levels high—allowing you to lose weight even while you sleep!
·         A nutrient that most women don’t get enough of. If you raise it, you’ll notice energy and fat-burning abilities going through the roof.
·         A list of foods which will increase Leptin resistance. Get these out of your diet and watch your metabolism transform!
With the Venus Factor, you get proven diet advice from our Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist who will help you eat the right foods at the right times to lose weight from the right areas—fast! Women who use the Venus Factor 12-week program have reported losing inches from their “problem areas”, all while continuing to eat their favorite foods, like chocolate and pizza!
As a BONUS, you’ll also receive the Venus Factor Workout videos absolutely free! You’ll learn weight loss workout tips—specifically designed for women! You’ll find out why working out like a man won’t burn fat optimally and you’ll learn the exercises to use and the ones to avoid.
There’s more! With Venus Immersion, our online community, you’ll gain access to support from thousands of real women who are supporting each other in their weight loss efforts. Staying on track is hard to do alone, but it’s easy with the friendly group at Venus Immersion. With the Venus Factor program, you’ll gain access to this valuable, supportive community.

So if you’re looking for a real solution to weight loss which isn’t just another fad program, look no further. The Venus Factor book is successful, powerful and designed to harness the natural, untapped fat-burning potential of your body! Contact us today and get started for just $9.95!

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