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The E-Factor Diet Facts and Myths of Weight Loss

On the subject of weight loss has been written many guides. It is about the same opinion as the people on a diet. Everyone has preconceived already their (not necessarily true) sentence.
The E-Factor Diet eBook is written by John Rowley. This book provides guidance on how to lose weight without starving yourself. The whole system explained by John Rowley is simple and easy to implement in easy steps. You can check the full review about the system here:

Below are the more known facts and myths.

Resigning from breakfast, lose weight faster
It is most commonly committed error. E-Factor program recommends that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The myth probably arose from the fact that the breakfast give up. Because a lot of people, when you wake up not feeling hungry, because after a night of metabolism is slowed down yet.
But your body needs energy to function in the daytime, so absolutely not allowed to give up this meal. No breakfast will too, that will fry during the day. The fruit can be eaten without restriction Fruit can be eaten between meals, but in limited quantities and not every type. Since the very sweet fruits (e.g. Bananas or grapes) contain a large quantity of sugar causing an increase in blood insulin, which then rapidly descends, causing the sensation of hunger, and that's not much missing to tempt to some snacks.

You should eat fruits with low GI glycemic (e.g. apples, cherries). Products Light is not fattening, yes and no. Until now, the product Light meant 40% fewer calories than normal product. But not always normal product could be found, so really it was a pure marketing. For 2 years, it is governed by European Union rules that say that the product Light cannot have more than 40% fat per 100 grams. Be careful with the products, which the manufacturer describes as light, slim, fitness or diet, because it is a clever way to circumvent the rules.
You can eat chocolate I think everyone likes chocolate. The E factor diet program says that eating chocolate improves mood, improves memory, provides the body with an appropriate dose of energy, and releases antioxidants that block the formation of cancer. It seems that the same advantages. But it also contains sugar, which leads to the production of glucose in the blood. This takes approximately 1.5 minutes after eating.
E factor diet allows for eating chocolate, but only with a high cocoa content, about 90%. Coffee is prohibited Coffee is a beverage that allows you to put your body on your feet. Thanks to caffeine, the body gets a "kick". After drinking, we can focus more fighting drowsiness. In most different diets, coffee without sugar and milk are allowed, but discouraged drinking coffee, at least in the first phase. If someone has to drink, that's one cup a day without milk. If the milk (up 1.5%) is the best half an hour after a carbohydrate meal.
Drinking water, accelerates weight loss Drinking water does not accelerate weight loss, but assists diet. It helps in digestion at every stage, cleanses the body by flushing out toxins. You should choose water with a high content of iodine, because it stimulates the thyroid gland, which has a direct impact on metabolism and insulin secretion.
Dinner must eat before Yes. Dinner should eat at least two hours before going to a spa, because while you sleep your metabolism slows down. There is an opinion that you can eat as much as possible, if we go to bed at midnight or later. However, it should also take into account the body's biorhythm, which shows that our body at certain times is the most active, while others preparing to sleep. These pores are dependent on our lifestyle, which is why regular sleep and meals are very important.

The E-Factor Diet program is highly recommended for people, who are willing to take action and want to transform their bodies into a fat burning machines. The E-Factor Diet Review at Strikingly will help you get to know about Pros and Cons of the program in more detail.

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